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Hello everyone! I'm Kent, founder of

This is the first post on Hiweb community and I'd like to talk a little bit about HiWeb.

We're gonna build a perfect solution to anyone, who want to create a professional website but don't have enough time or ability to do. It's HiWeb Solution.

By using HiWeb, you don't have to worry about server, hosting, domain, technical skills... we'll take care all of them for you. Everything you have to do is just simply "Say Hi to your website".

The coolest thing is, HiWeb will offer Free plan for everyone. No Free Trial - it's Free - no Credit Card required and our staffs will be there 24/7 to be ready supporting you at anytime.

We estimate that HiWeb will be ready in 2018, just join HiWeb Community first and we'll inform you via email as soon as HiWeb Solution is available ;)

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